Home Insurance

Get a comprehensive home insurance policy to protect what matters most, your family and future. Save more by bundling with auto insurance.

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Auto Insurance

Get liability, fire, theft and more coverage for when things go wrong. Road safety isn't always in your control so be ready for anything.

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Business Insurance

Whether you're a sole proprietor or you own a franchise we can protect your business from liability of all kinds. Your business is your livelihood.

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Tenant Insurance

If you are renting an apartment or home, you need tenant insurance to cover your belongings and provide you with much needed liability insurance.

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Life Insurance

Life doesn't always go as planned, be ready to protect your estate. Make sure your loved ones are looked after with proper life insurance.

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A wakeboard boat at a wooden dock in the Muskokas on a sunny day.
Recreational Insurance

Get the best marine insurance policy at a fantastic price. Have fun on the water and know you're protected with Reg Ward Insurance.

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Don’t hesitate, contact us for more help and services. Better mortgage insurance, farm insurance, cyber insurance, group health benefit insurance & more!

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